No3 Diktamos

Double room dwelling of 60 m2 with the possibility to easily accommodate up to 4 persons. The bedroom is located on the ground floor and its two walls is natural rock under the soil. It incorporates one independent courtyard. This dwelling was built in 1913 and the ground floor in the past was used as a barn-stable, while the first floor as a weave room and elementary school.

 Dittany  (Diktamos)

diktamosSmall plant, quite aromatic with small piliferous leaves and violet flowers. It reaches 30-40 cm and thrives in mountainous and rocky areas.
We mainly use the flowering tops and less the leaves.
It has an antibacterial, antiseptic, sanative attribute and helps in the prevention of circulation and heart problems. It sooths headaches, neuralgias, stomach disorders and cutaneous inflammations.

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Traditional Settlement in Apokoronas, Chania, Crete tel: +30 6986783030, email: Giannoulakis Kostantinos

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