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Cretan diet

“Our diet is our medicine”     Hippocrates, the father of medicine (460 – 377 BC) Starting with this decree, the Cretan Diet remains alive and presents itself as a health and longevity institution not only for the Cretans but for the world. The characteristics of the Cretan diet we wanted to sketch a rough […]

Alkyone days

  What are the “Alkyone Days”? Alkyonides days are called those days of January, which have good weather and sunshine. It is an ancient Greek name, which comes from Aristotle. Meteorologically it is explained by the equalization of barometric pressures between southern and northern Europe, while mythologically there are very beautiful stories about this phenomenon. […]

Τhe monumental olive tree and the cave of Samonas

            The monumental olive trees The monumental olive tree of Samonas has been classed as “monumental” by the Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities of Crete (SEDIK) due to its longitudinal shape, the shape of its trunk and due to its location near the ancient settlement “Kylintra” of the Late Minoan […]

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Samonas Traditional Villas            Our Villas are located in the picturesque Apokoronas Region, 20 km south-east away from Chania Town in a quiet, peaceful environment offering an enchanting view of the White Mountains and of the Cretan sea.           Samonas Villas Samonas includes five two-storey Villas which […]