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Samonas cave and the monumental olive tree

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The monumental olive tree of Samonas has been classed as “monumental” by the Association of Cretan Olive Municipalities of Crete (SEDIK) due to its longitudinal shape, the shape of its trunk and due to its location near the ancient settlement “Kylintra” of the Late Minoan period.

This olive tree is located along with other very old olive trees at the place "Lakkos" of the Municipal Department of Samonas of Armeni Municipality and it is mastoid variety which is locally called tsounati.

The dimensions of the trunk 0.9 meters in height and especially the average diameter of 4.10 meters and the circumference of 12.90 meters allow a rough estimate of the age using the method of dating trees based on the annual growth rings of the trunk. The age of this tree is estimated at the order of about 3,000 years before today.

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Just a few meters away from the last houses of the village Samonas, road works revealed a small but really imposing cave in 1994, with rich décor and a small pond. In order to access the main room a ladder is used.

The cave entrance is locked in order to protect it from damage, but we keep the key at the hotel and we'll be glad to guide you there.